Sunday, January 24, 2010

PTI Inventory Book

Ok, since I have gotten a bit of new photo skills, thanks to my friend Brooke ;0), I thought I would take some pictures of the Inventory book for PTI I put together.  I absolutely adore that company, but I have so much of their stuff, I wanted to have a book that I can easily track the things I own in.  So, without further ado, Here you go :0)

Here is the cover.  I case'd it from Nichole's blog :0)  I put the book together using my handy dandy new Bind-It-All machine. 

Here is my inventory page of PTI Cardstock.  For those paper crafters out there, PTI has some of the thickest cardstock out there, and I absolutely adore it!

Next up is my Vintage Buttons inventory list.  Yes, I own ALL of the button colors, and I love them ALL!

And here is the Inventory list for my Ink list.  I am patiently waiting for new formulations to be in stock at PTI.

Ink refill:

Satin Ribbon List:

Luxe Satin Ribbon:

Top Notch Twill:

Classic Grosgrain:

Saddle Stitch

Bitty Dot Satin Ribbon:

2007 Stamp Release

2008 Stamp Release:

2008 Stamp Set Release Cont'd:

2009 Stamp Release List:

2009 Stamp Release Continued:

PTI Paper Flip Chart:

That's it!  Enjoy!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Flake Festival

Sorry for the lack of posts!  It's been a bit crazy at my house!  I just wanted to share some pix from the Flake Festival today.  It was cold, but definitely fun! 

Gizzy was the subject this morning of experimenting with my new camera :0)

Here are a few of the beautiful snow sculptures!

They had a dog weight pull contest, and here was one of the dogs resting up before the big event!

And some wonderful Kettle corn!  YUM!

It was a cold, but great day today!