Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Scrapbook Room

Well, this is one of my favorite topics!  I LOVE looking at other people's rooms of creativity!  I love taking ideas from others and making it my own!  So, I thought I would share some pictures of my scrapbook room!  Enjoy!  I'll start with my favorite part of my room, my button wall!  This is the Making Memories organizer.  I have bought each and every one of the PTI's button colors, and put them in the Ball canning jars.  I LOVE this storage device!

This is my light in the room.  I had to upgrade to a brighter light! 

This is a view of my closet.  It's my storage area, and I also have sorted all of my ribbon in colors and put them on old clothespins. 

This is a shelving unit I got from Ikea. 

On the side of the unit I mounted the Stakebo's from Ikea to hold all of my SU! ink pads. 

And here is my Copic storage.  This is a little home decor' I picked up at Marshall's, and it is PERFECT for my Copics! 

Here is the back wall of my room.  The cubes are from Michael's.  It's so great to have so much hidden storage for all of my things!  I hate clutter!

Here is a picture of my island I built.  The cubes are from Michael's, and the counter top is from Ikea.  I love standing when I scrapbook and stamp!

Sorry for the blurry picture, this one didn't want to turn out!  This is the front of my island. 

This is my Expedit from Ikea.  They finally came out with cubes that fit the squares perfectly!  In here, i have misc. items, as well as all of my SU! stamp sets. 

Here is a pix of how I have my SU! stamps organized in the cubes. 

This is a look into the drawers.  I try to have them all organized neatly. 

Last but not least, here is a shot of the front of the island I built, and a cute pix of my polka dot curtains I got at Ikea!  I LOVE those curtains!  Thank you for touring with me today! 

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  1. You are the queen of organization!!! This is awesome!!!